Plan International Plan International has been working in Ghana to support children, particularly the most marginalised, to exercise their rights for over 25 years.

Working in 637 communities, the majority of which are rural, our work has impacted the lives of 480,000 children.

In Ghana, children, especially girls, suffer from violence at school and in their communities. In addition, there is a lack of quality education and many children drop out of school. As a result, there is a need to address the root causes of these issues.

We work with partners to create safe communities for children that are free from all forms of violence through our child protection programmes.

Our work also ensures children have the opportunity to learn through our quality, basic, inclusive education programme.

We also support families to earn more money and manage it better so their children can thrive.

Starghana foundation believe that a vibrant civil society has the power to unlock transformational and lasting solutions to Ghana’s development challenges. Ghana has a strong tradition of civil society organisations working to better the lives of citizens. We believe that active citizens are the key to a better future for ALL Ghanaians.

The STAR Ghana Foundation works to increase the effectiveness of citizens and civil society to achieve an equitable, inclusive society. Our approach includes:

convening inclusive dialogue and collaboration;
catalysing active citizenship and collective action;
coordinating and supporting strategic partnerships;
facilitating continuous learning to fuel wider scale change.
We work with civil society to connect their interests with others, and help to ensure all voices are heard by decision makers, both local and national. Our work with government aims to create a state that is responsive and accountable to its citizens by promoting constructive dialogue at district, regional and national levels.


actionaid We're a global justice federation working to achieve social justice, gender equality and poverty eradication.

In Ghana, we support the basic needs and rights of the poor, with an emphasis on human rights, women's rights, land rights and the right to education.


CareInternational CARE believes that solving the complex challenges of poverty and social injustice can best be achieved by working with others. By pooling resources and expertise, our collective action is greater and more impactful than what we can deliver on our own. In addition to funding partners, we work with a range of actors from local project partners and advocacy allies to research and technical institutions, and suppliers.

Project partners, at local or national level, bring knowledge and understanding of poverty and injustice as they play out in their own community and country context. They may be grassroots organizations, cooperatives, small businesses or government officials, who best understand the issues at stake. CARE aims to support and enhance their skills and capacity so that communities can unleash their full potential.

Advocacy allies allow us to give more prominence to the issues and voice of those affected by poverty and injustice. To this end, we partner with humanitarian and development NGOs, prominent advocates, national and regional alliances, and celebrities, to amplify the voice of those affected and the changes needed to reverse poverty.

Research and technical institutions bring world-class academic knowledge, and technical advances to the fight against poverty. These partnerships are critical to capture and apply new ideas, knowledge and practice to real-world settings.

Suppliers deliver essential goods and services needed to advance our emergency and development programs. We work with a range of suppliers, thriving to support local economics and keep operational costs low.

CARE is committed to partnerships that are empowering, respectful, and focused on mutual learning and growth. We believe that poverty and social injustice can best be addressed through strategic and impactful partnerships with a range of actors from government, civil society, private sector and beyond.


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